• Yann Sadok

    Yann Sadok

    Director and specialist for digital business and IoT - Alithya

  • JC G

    JC G

  • Gautam Srivastava

    Gautam Srivastava

    Wordsmith, Spurs fan, shoe enthusiast and fan of funny. Views my own, unless you agree - then they're ours :)

  • Radek Maciaszek

    Radek Maciaszek

  • Nextmodernity


    Conseil en transformation numérique des entreprises - Activateur d'#engagement -#E20 #SocialBusiness #RSE #SocialLearning #Usages #Outils #Collaboratif #Digital

  • Bertrand Duperrin

    Bertrand Duperrin

    Digital Transformation practice leader @Emakinafr. Aligning Customer and Employee perspectives. Compulsive traveler and #avgeek. #foodie. Tweets are my own.

  • Brian O'Kelley

    Brian O'Kelley


  • Sunny Paris

    Sunny Paris

    YouDontNeedaCRM.com CEO. @Weborama co-founder and former CEO. Internet, politics, food, trips and board games enthusiast. Travel between Paris and London.

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